What the Punk!?

Season 2 Episode 6 Synth Pop Artist NAE

Episode Summary

Join Sully as he goes on a deep dive into the inner psyche of photographer and visual artist JaNae Contag as he tries to understand her alter ego, the synth pop artist, NAE. Who is NAE? What parts of JaNae make up this caricature of a pop artist? Is it a caricature or is NAE something entirely different? Did her Christian up bringing lead to her issues of anxiety? If she suffers from anxiety why does she feel this need to write and perform NAE music? Flute, piano, photography, graphic design, words, melody, fashion, and a obsession with dead shopping malls are the paints she uses to launch her pop music rebellion against stability. Could her debut album PUSH BUTTON FUTURE be the clarion call for white women to shed the absurdity of a "privileged" existence and look for meaning outside of their "Sugar Pumps".

Episode Notes

PUSH BUTTON FUTURE is a collaborative album between the synth pop artist, NAE and the musician, engineer and producer BLIZZLE from Black's Backbone.  This is their first album together.  The songs featured in this episode are; "Sugar Pumps", "Euphoria Trattoria"(unreleased track), "Get off on your messages", and "Never Enough".

The new album can be pre-saved here: https://ffm.to/naemusic

NAE's website:http://www.naemusic.com/

Article written by JaNae Contag:http://www.estheticlens.com/2021/02/05/1-album-janae-contag-yacht-i-thought-the-future-would-be-cooler/